#1 Rated Indie Game THERE’S POOP IN MY SOUP Dazzles the Critics

“Are video games art?” 

This question echoed repeatedly in my mind upon discovering this game today. Such a game as this raised so many new questions that it was clear: no revelation would manifest without some serious pondering. I packed a lunch, jumped into my Toyota Tercel, drove to the nearest hiking trail and started up the mountain because I knew this introspective journey was destined to be a long one.

Recently uploaded to indiedb and the recipient of 130 up-votes and counting, GameJolt’s new and riveting shitstorm of a tale puts you in the shoes of a person who straight-up drops deuces on people who pass by below. Tackling your objectives one by one on your “To-Poo List,” your accuracy and unrelenting resolve will determine your success in this endeavor.

They offer a free demo on either Mac or Windows. Oh, and did I find an answer to the question at the top? Tell you what, check out this trailer and you tell me:

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