10 Games That Need To Be On An SNES Mini

With the announcement of an NES Mini, you have to wonder if Nintendo has more "mini" consoles set for release. Even though the NES Mini will be popular, I'm sure a SNES Mini would be an even bigger hit than that! If you're just checking in on this post to make sure A Link To The Past is the number one pick...rest easy...I don't think anyone can get away with getting that out of number one. Check out the rest below!

10: Star Fox

If you've never played the original Star Fox, the game is every bit as good as it's 64 successor. What you miss in voice acting you get in weird Pokemon like speaking. This game laid the foundation for what made Star Fox 64 the classic that it is today. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of this game's music and find Slippy far less annoying.

9: Super Mario All-Stars And Super Mario World

It may be a bit redundant to push this onto the system after you just released them on NES, but the enhanced versions of the Super Mario Bros series deserve their day in the sun. Truthfully, I prefer these versions over the originals simply because I like the SNES controller more. I also feel like they're slightly more responsive? As for Super Mario World...play the game for 5 seconds and you'll understand why it's such a classic...

8: Harvest Moon

With the recent popularity Stardew Valley has generated, it's high time this series makes a return to consoles. In terms of difficulty, I felt the SNES Harvest Moon took the cake. In between trying to start a farm, make enough food to sell, and trying to find a wife there were never enough hours in the day. Some people may get bored with the monotony, but I was a big fan of the pressure to grow before seasons ended and how you really had to schedule your time each day. 

7: Kirby's Dream Land 3

With its unique art style, Kirby's Dream Land 3 was a bit of a departure from past entries in the franchise. It also feels a bit slower than other Kirby games in comparison. What it lacks in speed, however, it more than makes up for in the addition of the "buddy" mechanic. Being able to team up with random characters and combine your powers with theirs gave me a lot of fun playing this game. Half the fun is absorbing different powers just to see how it affects your partner and changes the game!

6: Chrono Trigger

If you're looking for a long game, satisfying gameplay, engaging story, a great RPG, and fun this game is going to have all that and more. Chrono Trigger is just as fun today as it was back then. Unfortunately, I don't believe the game has ever seen a release on the Virtual Console and is likely off the list for potential SNES games. You can always fill the void with Earthbound, but truth be told, this is the better RPG experience of the two.

5: The Donkey Kong Country Series

There is no reason all 3 Donkey Kong Country games should not appear on an SNES mini. While 2 is the preferred choice of most fans, all 3 are great in their own right. At the end of the day this game is the gold standard for 2D platforming and is worth a play for gamers of all ages.

4: Street Fighter 2: Turbo

Judging from the amount of Capcom support on the NES Mini I would say a release of this on an SNES Mini is a definite possibility. As far as fighting games go you can't do much better without getting an MA rating on your box so I think Nintendo will opt for this over Mortal Kombat.

3: Yoshi's Island

Oh man the nostalgia I had watching this video. This is one of those games that has remained iconic because of it's unique gameplay. How many games end the level if you can't rescue a baby from a bubble in 10-30 seconds? I'm shocked there haven't been more sequels to this game as successful as it was.

2: Mario Kart

The original is just as amazing as it's successors. In some ways, it's better than some. N64 version aside, this version has my favorite battle mode and Bowser's Castle is the best in this game.

1: The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Is this the greatest Zelda of all time? I'm not here to dispute that, but I will say it's one of the longest Zelda games you can play and has a TON of depth for you to enjoy. Personally, I still don't think it's THE BEST, but it's a solid 2nd place.

There's 10 out of 30 titles I think should be on there. You fill in the rest. Give me your top picks below.