10 Hour Demo Of MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA Will Be Gated

While Bioware is more than ready to give 10 hours of game time to EA Origin/Access subscribers ahead of the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda, it will have its limits. Andromeda Producer Francisco Melo revealed as much in a Twitter exchange with a fan: 

As mentioned above, those 10 hours can be spent exploring the limited amount of campaign you were given, or you can restart and try it all again. Sounds like a smart move to me, as some of you might remember fans complaints when Bungie did the same thing with Destiny and people were able to complete two-thirds of the game before launch. 

While single player will have its limits, you'll be happy to know that multiplayer will be unrestricted and you'll be able to play that to your heart's content! Remember this demo is only available to EA Origin/Access subscribers which means you must have either an Xbox One or PC to take advantage of the deal.  EA Access subscribers will get their hands on the game March 16th and the rest of us will play March 21st.

Source: Eurogamer