2 More Games Announced For Nintendo Switch Online Service

Starting February 13 members of the Nintendo Switch Online service will get access to 2 new NES titles Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure. Both titles will appear in the NES app on Switch consoles and run through the systems emulator. Super Mario Bros.2 has some awesome history behind it being a Mario conversion of Doki Doki Panic. It might even be one of my favorite Mario games which is funny since it isn’t even originally a Mario game!

The second addition for the month, Kirby’s Adventure, is one of the defining games for the Kirby franchise. Many of the series signature moves and tropes were either first included or refined in this game. Kirby’s Adventure also holds up really well today and should prove familiar to Kirby fans who might have missed its original 1993 release.

The Nintendo Switch Online service has been met with some criticism since its launch last year but the classic content is coming as promised even if slower than everyone wants. Recent rumors have also suggested that SNES games would soon be joining the online service.

What do you think of this months additions? Leave some thoughts below!