20 Minutes Of WATCH DOGS 2 On Display In Latest Gameplay Video

This alpha build of Watch Dogs 2 isn't the complete game, but damn it looks good! Ubisoft walks us through 20 minutes of gameplay on the PS4, and while they're some standout features worth listening to the commentary for, the real draw is how it all looks! This doesn't look nearly as gloomy as the first installment, and from the way the developers are talking, it seems they've corrected a lot of complaints people had with the first game.

The best thing I've heard about this game from day one is that the entire game is accessible from the beginning. Hands down, that alone will improve this game tenfold for me. I can't stand sandbox games that lock areas of the world off to other players. Other than that, the video leads me to believe this is just a polished Watch Dogs. Watch out for it's release November 15th.