2018's Apple Design Awards Winners

Hosting a ceremony to recognize the best applications added to their device over the past year, the Apple Design Award’s doesn’t section their winners into categories, but rather recognizes each application as equal winners. Unlike what we saw at The Game Awards 2018 or listed on the Google Play Store’s 2018 Awards, these winners each received an award for their innovative and/or entertainment value.

Starting with the Game Winners:

  • Bandimal by Yatatoy

  • Florence by Mountains

  • INSIDE by Playdead

  • Alto’s Odyssey by Snowman

  • Frost by kunabi brother GmbH

  • Oddmar by Mobge Ltd

While the game winners take up six of the ten winning slots, the other application winners were certainly some good choices as well.

  • Agenda by Momenta B.V. brings a new way to take notes and stay organized.

  • Calzy by WapleStuff is a calculator that is useful for large projects and science experiments.

  • iTranslate Converse by iTranslate allows people to communicate even when speaking different languages by translating over 38 different languages.

  • Triton Sponge by Gauss Surgical, Inc. is the first real-time surgical app that provides real-time surgical blood loss information.

It’s always great to see recognition given to the various developers that brought the best applications to a widely used platform. What do you think of the Apple Design 2018 Award Winners chosen? Do you agree with their list?