25-Year-Old Gamer Getting METAL GEAR SOLID V Inspired Arm and Leg Prosthetic

Konami has gotten a lot of flack over the last few months, but regardless of how they are handling their properties and their best employees they still make some great, downright heartwarming choices. With Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain having a heavy emphasis on dealing with adjusting to life after an amputation, Konami teamed up with the Phantom Limb Project, a charity project to help supply high quality prosthetic limbs to those in need. Their first recipient is 25-year-old gamer, James Young, who lost his arm and leg on his left side from an accident at a train station. Konami, along with The Alternative Limb Project, lead by talented artist Sophie De Oliveira Barata are building Young a custom arm and leg prosthetic based on the ones seen in Metal Gear Solid V. Below are a few of Barata's very beautiful pieces from previous clients, along with a link to her site.

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