2B Joins The SoulCalibur VI Ranks Next Week!

Hey fighting game fans, I hope you have been enjoying SoulCalibur VI as much as I have since its release back in October! With tons of customization options and character possibilities I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a fighting game so much. Now there is even more good news, the previously announced DLC guest fighter 2B, From Nier: Automata, will be available next week on December 18!


2B will come with a new stage, background music, alternate costume and weapons. The androids play style is very similar to what we saw in Nier: Automata so hopefully fans will be able to pick up combat like second nature. 2B joins the growing roster of guest characters to have graced the SoulCalibur ranks over the years with the most recent addition being The Witcher 3’s Geralt of Rivia.

Do you plan to pick up 2B upon release? let us know below!