5 3D Platformers We Want To Return

With Ratchet and Clank releasing to surprising reviews and strong commercial success, here are 5 3D platformers we would love to see make a comeback:

Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper was originally developed for the PlayStation 2 by Sucker Punch Studios, later to be released in an HD collection on PlayStation 3. These games were met with strong critical and commercial reception, later having a fourth entry made by Sanzaru Games. The fourth one, released three years ago, ends on a cliff hanger, leaving many Sly fans wanting another game.

Banjo Kazooie

When Rare released Rare Replay last year, we saw what a great pedigree that studio used to have. Even though we are going to get Yooka Laylee later this year (knock on wood!), it would be great for many nostalgic fans to return to the world of Banjo just one more time and play as the character a lot of fans grew up playing and loving.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash is a fan favorite, and one of the first mascots for PlayStation. Made by Naughty Dog, this was one of the very first 3D platformers to be released. With Uncharted 4 on the horizon, seeming darker than previous Uncharted games and with the bleakness of The Last of Us, it could be a great change of pace for them to do something a bit happier and brighter. Or give us a dark, murderous Crash, killing people for Tiki masks. Anything to get the Bandicoot back again.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Most people were completely enamored by this game, falling in quickly in love with the idea of rewinding time while fighting. Combining this unique idea with great gameplay and wall running mechanics, this is easily one of the standouts on this list. Returning to Persia, while forgetting the Jake Gyllenhaal movie, would be an exciting prospect that the majority of gamers would love to jump on.

Jak And Daxter

Last but not least is Jak and Daxter. Another Naughty Dog game has made the list! Jak and Daxter have the fun tag-team buddy style of Ratchet and Clank while slowly evolving into a more mature, more story driven game. Unlike the other games on this list, the Jak trilogy feels much more familiar. Each game played the same and had the same general mechanics while each game in the aforementioned series has a different feel and twist. This similarity keeps the narrative structure of Jak feeling much stronger than some of it’s competitors.

3D platformers not published by Nintendo seemed like a Ghost of Christmas Past. With the recent success of Ratchet and Clank showing us that nothing stays dead, what 3D platformers do you want to come back, and what ones do you think should have made this list?

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