5 Ways The POKEMON Games Could Improve

I can't fault Pokemon for sticking with the same formula for 20 years, but man, eventually you'd think they could try something new. I'm not talking more Pokemon, new locales, or different types either. Some of us have been playing these games since the start, and even the inclusion of one fresh mechanic would go a way with fans. The following are some suggestions I think would be welcome additions to Nintendo's flagship handheld franchise.

Dynamic Time And Tourneys

This idea actually came from the show. In the first season, Ash is rushing around trying to get his badges in time to enter the Pokemon League. If he misses the deadline (he doesn't), he misses the tourney. Pokemon's easier difficulty can really be attributed to the lack of urgency in gameplay. With no time limit, I can hang out on routes and level to my hearts desire. This then gives me the ability to crush whatever gym leader is waiting with my starter simply because it outlevels their Pokemon greatly. With a time limit, I believe this problem goes away. My ultimate wish is that the time window would be strict enough that you'd really have to focus on match ups and strategy to progress much faster as opposed to farming Pokemon to boost your starter.

Out of all the mechanics that could be implemented, I think having a game clock with real consequences and event windows would really get this game back to the way it should be played amongst fans.

Gym Leader Mode

This is an idea that I thought of way back as a kid, but the dream was never fully attainable until now. Yeah having your own Pokegym would be cool, but imagine that concept in a modern era...

For example, Say Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow has this mode and I want to be a gym leader of Pewter City. I'm able to begin the process by using some drop down menu and checking the requirements to become the gym leader. Maybe the Pewter City gym requires 3 Rock/Ground types with a minimum level requirement. To get accepted as a leader I would need 3 Pokemon I've captured that fit that criteria to be accepted into the gym.

Once accepted you're grouped in with all the other real world trainers who met the requirements for this gym. In-game, players can decide if they would wish to take on Brock, or a randomly selected leader from the pool of users in the Nintendo system. Ideally your opponents Pokemon would match your teams skill level which would increase challenge and fun for both ends. Considering the amount of people who play, I don't think that would be too hard of a goal to accomplish.

The player battles your pokemon (you don't actually have to be on the game to defend your gym, but it would be cool if you had a notification to allow you to do so if you happened to be playing) and rewards are divided up whether you win or lose the match. Eventually your win loss record would gain you prestige when stacked up against other trainers around the world.

Not only would this create a comraderie of sorts between real world gamers and the gym they choose to control (I would say you can only hold one gym at a time), but it brings an aspect of Pokemon that's relevant to NPC's but not the player. Why can't we, for once, be the one that exclusively trains one type of Pokemon? It's something I've wanted to do, but the game offers no reward in doing so.

Integrate Team Valor, Mystic, and Instinct Into Games

One of the best parts of Pokemon Go is the competitive nature it creates in its fans. There's really no benefit in picking Mystic, Valor, or Intinct other than you're YOU and they're THEM. Yet everyone has fully embraced the system and the memes, smacktalk, and gear that have spawned from them have been amazing.

Let's find a way to bring that back into the traditional Pokemon experience!

Make Certain Pokemon Seasonal

Another issue with Pokemon, I feel, is longterm appeal. I know there's fans who play it non-stop, but the casual experience seems to be play the game a lot when you get it, beat it as fast as possible, and move on. If Pokemon had an Animal Crossing vibe, where only certain Pokemon could be caught considering the time of day or season you were in, I think it would increase the game's long term appeal to a larger audience. I know there's changing seasons in later versions of Pokemon, but I'm referring more to real world times of the year and that having an impact on the game.

Survival Mode

I know this one is a bit of a longshot, but it could be fun. Kids are already conditioned to "survival mode" by playing games like Minecraft, so why not make them care for the well being of their trainer on top of their Pokemon? Buying food, camping supplies...etc would increase the value of in game money which tends to become useless beginning in the midgame stage. If you get too hungry or tired, you black out like when you lose all your Pokemon. At worst it gives an extra sense of danger when you're out on routes knowing you can get in REAL trouble leaving town.

Those are my ideas, you got anything that would be interesting to add?