50v50 Event Mode is Back On FORTNITE: BATTLE ROYALE

Developer Epic Games just revealed that Fortnite’s 50v50v2 mode is now back in the battle royale game. The mode placed two teams of 50 players on opposite sides of the island and given ten minutes to pick loot, five minutes to battle, and five more minutes until the storm closes in. 

A lot has happened in Fortnite over the weeks with the most recent being the inclusion of the Thanos mode. The new mode allows players to acquire the Infinity Gauntlet that will appear randomly on the map. The player who manages to equip the Gauntlet will be transformed into Thanos and receive all of his powers. 

Furthermore, epic also released a developer update where they discussed the “Perk Recombobulator” a new device that will be included in the 4.2 patch and will use two resources, Re-Perk and Perk Up, which grants players the ability to tweak and upgrade their weapons. Check out the video below where the Perk Recombobulator is discussed in detail. 

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