What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?!

Hello again my weekend gamers, another weekend is upon us and it is time to dive into our favorite games! This weekend I am having to mix my gaming time with moving into a new place so there is only one thing I am planning to dig into this weekend.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon


With only 1 week to go until the release of Ace Combat 7 it is time to finish my ongoing marathon of prior Ace Combat games! Ace Combat Assault Horizon is easily considered by longtime fans to be the worst entry in the franchise. It does have some redeeming qualities however with beautiful visuals, well for 2011, smooth gameplay and fun arcadey helicopter missions. Unfortunately, the things that make an Ace Combat game an Ace Combat game are sadly lacking for this entry.

What game(s) are you all planning to dig into this weekend?! let us know below or send us a pic over on social media!