Muse Dash: The Cutest Rhythm Coming to Switch


Muse Dash by PeroPeroGames is a fast paced, color infused, rhythm game that packs some extra twists into its gameplay. This game is found iOS, and various other small platforms. It has made its way into many people’s hand and is now coming to the Nintendo Switch. Muse Dash is a fairly simple rhythm game, no wide variety of buttons or mass amount of colors, it does get very fast and adds interesting ways to play with the few buttons. This game is about hitting those beat every moment, scoring high and brawling with music.

The game has a cute and colorful ascetic and isn’t afraid to get in your face with this hyper saturated style. This game should be loads of fun to pick up and play for fun or grind out high scores and master the game and your favorite songs. It is coming very soon to the Nintendo Switch and Steam and should be a blast of fresh, musical fun.