Destiny 2: Crown of Sorrow Raid Has Been Finished!


Bungie just released its newest season of content, Season of Opulence. It is filled to the brim with glorious loot a wonderful new six-player match made activity and more power to hunt. But this also comes with a new raid, the Crown of Sorrow. Released only six hours after the Season of Opulence was live, the new raid was then the race track for a number of top tier teams trying to complete it first. After approximately three or four hours (the exact time was not available at the time of writing this), the raid was complete. Congratulations to Akada, BigBadDave7, Carolina, Esoterickk, Punz, and WNxDelirium for being the first in the world to finish this raid! It is quiet impressive and here is their video of finishing it.

Datto and his group came second and Gladd’s group came in third. It was a close race and an amazing to see these people all face very difficult odds and a extremely difficult and complex final boss. A big shout out to Bungie for creating another fun and exhilarating experience for the Destiny community to enjoy and congratulations again to those who got first and the efforts of everyone else who participated in the Crow of Sorrow race.

Come back soon to hear our first thoughts of Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence and the new systems, activities and gear available.