AGGELOS Hack and Slash Those Sprites!


Remember going at a boss dozens of times, perfecting the proceeding level, knowing every enemy and saving every sliver of health to stand up to the upcoming boss? The days of side scrolling action games has made a strong resurgence, an another new game is coming this week!

It’s time to go back to those wicked fun and brutal 16-bit role-playing games with Aggelos. Created by PQube Games, this game lets the player hop into a deep action-RPG that takes great notes from its predecessors like Metroid and Castlevania. From colorful sprites booming with personality to upgrades and new gear throughout the open world, this game has a lot to devour. PQ Games has also added side quests, secrets and more to explore throughout the beautiful Kingdom of Lumen.

The tight gameplay, mobility and various types of combos and different encounter make this game look like the retro game of the spring. Aggelos is already available for Steam, is coming out April 25th on Switch and will be coming later to Xbox One and PS4.