88 HEROES Expands With The 98 HEROES EDITION Coming To Nintendo Switch This October

Thanks to a partnership between Rising Star Games and Bitmap Bureau, a fully stocked version of 88 Heroes is coming to the Nintendo Switch called 88 Heroes - 98 Heroes Edition! This version of the game is scheduled for release both at physical retail and digitally October 2 in North American markets and October 10 everywhere else.

The 98 Heroes Edition of the acclaimed game features all of the frantic fast-paced and funny action of the original release, plus the DLC pack ‘RSG Champions’ previously available on other formats, as well as the forthcoming DLC pack, ‘H8 Mode Activate.’

Here's the announcement trailer:

I like how each character has their own movement and attack styles that will provide a wide variety of gameplay options, and with the version going on the Switch you can try out all the different options they have!