Street Fighter V - Welcome New Challenger Laura Matsuda

Street Fighter V has added a new character to its robust lineup, and her name is Laura Matsuda. Laura specializes in the art of Jiu-Jitsu, and her fighting style features an interesting array of up close grapples, hard hitting kicks, and a spacing move called the Thunderclap. In the screenshots bellow you can see that a great deal of her moves, while fast and fluid, are submission maneuvers at their core. She is extremely up close and personal, but seems to have enough misdirection moves to keep the opponent unsure of when to close the gap.

Honestly I can’t wait to start using this character, as her play style seems right up my alley. Typically when i’m not being Gouken and playing keep away with people (yeah, I’m that guy) I like to mix it up close range with an emphasis on defense, and her moveset seems perfect for that. Aside from the ridiculousness of her chest (not every female fighter has to have huge breasts Capcom), Laura Matsuda seems like another solid addition to the Street Fighter V roster.

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