A Dude Rushed The White House Lawn Dressed As Pikachu And Got Arrested


A man has been arrested after he jumped the White House fence and attempted to run up to the property dressed as the Pokemon Pikachu. Court documents says 36-year-old Curtis Combs of Kentucky was arrested without incident after jumping the fence in a Pikachu costume after repeated warnings by White House Secret Service to stop. 

As for why Combs would do something that can get you shot and killed, Combs was hoping he could record the stunt and become famous on YouTube. His channel, which is listed in the documents as WILDAF looks as though it has been hidden from the site.

Weirdly enough, this is not the first time something exactly like this has happened. Back in 2014 a guy carrying a stuffed Pikachujumped the White House lawn, and it didn't play out too well for him either: 

Maybe Combs saw this guy a couple years back and thought he could become a star on Fox News? We can only speculate. 

Source: Polygon