A Mature Point And Click With THE BLIND PROPHET

An adventure game from Ars Goetia, The Blind Prophet will reveal the corruption of Rotbork, a city where evil lurks. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the game is now slated for a December launch on Steam. The beautiful artwork looks like playing a graphic novel, so let’s hope that the narrative is just as captivating as the visual design.

Ars Goetia describes the story as:

Bartholomeus has a destiny, a divine mission that must be fulfilled. As an Apostle chosen by God, he must eternally come back on Earth to protect God's children from the corruption of demonic influence.

If Bartholomeus comes from heaven, then it looks like Rotbork is hell. The dark and grimy city hosts demons and all manner of sin, and the trailer illustrates the singular pursuit of that evil with the actions of the apostle.

We’re two months away from the scheduled release of The Blind Prophet. Will you be getting the game on December 10th?

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