A MORTAL KOMBAT Movie Reboot Is Finally Coming


While I am not sure who was really asking for it, a Mortal Kombat movie reboot has finally been confirmed. The original Mortal Kombat movie released back in 1995 and was directed by Paul W. S. Anderson who is better know for his work on the Resident Evil films these days. Mortal Kombat was met with pretty bad to mixed reviews back upon release but I think we can all agree it was way better than those awful Street Fighter movies that we got…

Anyways, a reboot has been confirmed and will be filming in Adelaide, South Australia. The project is expected to bring in over $70 million for the local economy and create around 580 new jobs. Pre-production on the film is expected to begin this month so expect more story details to come over the next few months.

Personally I almost wish they would find a way to make a movie based on Mortal Kombat 11’s insane time-traveling story-line! What would you all like to see from a new Mortal Kombat film? Share your wildest hopes and dreams below!