A New DIABLO Game Is In Development


Although no official announcement has been made by Blizzard, a job listing seems to suggest that a new Diablo game is in the works. The job listing in question was for a dungeon artist who will be “working on a new, unannounced Diablo project.”

Since developer Blizzard still hasn’t shed light into this job listing, it is unclear whether the unannounced Diablo title will be a sequel to Diablo 3 or if it is for a spin-off game in the franchise. Furthermore, the description of the job listing and the responsibilities detailed there suggests that the upcoming game will not be the rumored Switch port that made headlines last March. 

Check out some of the responsibilities that developer Blizzard is looking for:

“Modeling and texturing compelling assets,” reads the job listing. “Essential skills include a solid grasp of form, color, and light for both 2D and 3D art assets. You can concept, model, and texture your work! You are also up on the latest tools and technology. The ideal candidate works well in an environment of peers who are passionate about working on the dark gothic world of Diablo, making great games, killing millions of monsters and getting loot!”

It has been six years since Diablo III was released so maybe an announcement will be made soon about the next game in the franchise. 

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