A New More Portable Switch Model Could Be Coming This Year

The rumor mill is at it again when it comes to the Nintendo Switch redesign. Last year numerous news outlets had reported on the possibility of a more portable version of Nintendo’s highly successful hybrid console coming out sometime in 2019. The rumor seemed to fade off after the initial reporting with no leaks or rumors coming in the months that followed.

But today a new report from the Japanese site Nikkei has once again ignited the fires of speculation! According to the report the new Switch model will be smaller, cheaper and launch sometime in 2019 to early 2020. The new design would also be “missing features” to accommodate its more portable form allowing it to be “easy to carry around.”

There is also mention of a new Nintendo Switch Online service in the works for release in 2019. There are no details on what the new service will include but it is reported to cost more than the current $20 a year price model. As with all rumors it is best to wait for official confirmation before getting to excited.

Are you interested in a more portable Switch model or are you happy with the current release? Let us know below!