A New OVERWATCH Map, Made Specifically For Capture The Flag Is Coming Soon

In a video released by Blizzard, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan revealed a new map for the game, which is set in Thailand, and is coming to Overwatch during the Year of the Dog event. 

Kaplan said that the map, which is still currently unnamed, is absolutely stunning and will have an ancient feel about it as one side will feature a temple and other ancient elements, while the other side will be “bright, beautiful, and modern” Kaplan explained. However, the most interesting feature of this upcoming map is that it was made specifically for the Capture the Flag mode, which is going to make a comeback during the upcoming Year of the Dog event. 

Taking feedback from fans of the game, Blizzard is now removing draws on Overwatch, which they felt can be “anti-climatic.” There will also be additional changes to the flag pick up rule, as players can now grab the flag immediately. However, some special abilities, like Winston’s jump pack, will cause the player to drop the flag. 

Furthermore, Blizzard will release a four-week competitive season just for the new capture the flag mode. Players who will be able to rank in the top 500, will receive a special spray and icon. The Year of the Dog event will also introduce six legendary skins, which will include new skins for Mercy and Genji among many other heroes. 

The Year of the Dog event will take place on February 4, and will be available to players on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out the full details of Blizzard’s developer video update, which is posted above. 

Who’s participating in Overwatch’s Year of the Dog event? Are you excited to play the Capture the Flag mode? Share your thoughts down in the comments below. 

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