A New World of Co-op Puzzling with MELBITS WORLD

Melbits World by Melbit Studio is a unique team-puzzle game which challenges its players’ minds, fingertips and cooperation skills. This game was just released and is filled with lots of fun for family and friends. Melbits World is stuffed with cuteness. Every character that a player can be is super adorable and can be made even more so with quick cosmetic customization. The levels are simple and colorful with a vast amount of personality at every pixel.

The game is played through Playstation’s Playlink system, linking one’s phone to their Playstation through Wifi (or a wifi spot made by the Playstation). Most games give you control of the characters and have them interact with the world, but this game sets the characters on a certain path and players intervene to save them, move them along or allow them to gather extra items and points by controlling various platforms, was and jump springs.

This game will no doubt be a great chance for you and your friends or family to yell and laugh with each other while trying to save the cute creature, completing level together and discovering new places to go, creatures to use and things to wear. Check out our full review in the coming days.