A Ton Of New POKEMON Projects Are In The works!


What a time to be alive for Pokemon fans, not only are we getting the newest entry in the mainline franchise of games with Pokemon Sword and Shield, 4 more Pokemon projects have just been announced! With the recent release of Detective Pikachu in theaters, the hype for a new Detective Pikachu game couldn’t be higher. Well guess what, a new Detective Pikachu game is coming and it will be on the Nintendo Switch! Not a whole lot of info is currently available on the title other than it is going to be a sequel to the 3DS original.

A couple of new mobile games have also been announced with Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Masters. Pokemon Sleep looks exceptionally interesting as it gives players a way to play as they sleep. The game will require a new Pokemon Go Plus + device to enable tracking of a players sleep. Not much else is know at this time but it is definitely intriguing to say the least. Pokemon Masters also looks very interesting as it combines notable trainers from each past entry in the franchise into a new adventure. The game is set to have battling mechanics that have been optimized for mobile devices. I can’t wait to see what co-developer Dena comes up with for this particular title! Pokemon Masters is set to launch in 2019 with Pokemon Sleep following in 2020.

The last big announcement and one I am sure will excite fans of the franchise who play on numerous different devices is Pokemon Home. Pokemon Home is a cloud based service that will launch in 2020 and will let trainers transfer their Pokemon through various platforms. When Pokemon Home launches it will be compatible with Pokemon Go, Pokemon Let’s Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Bank. Seriously, with this new app you can technically start a game in Pokemon Fire Red and bring that Pokemon all the way into the newest entry of the franchise! Expect to hear more about all of these announcements as the year moves on.

What do you think about all of the newest Pokemon announcements? Share some thoughts below!