Accessories Maker Bionik Has Released A New Switch Carrying Case With A Built In Battery Pack! Bluetooth Audio Adapter Coming Soon

Accessories Maker Bionik has just released the Power Commuter carrying case for the Nintendo Switch. The Power Commuter includes a carrying case for the Switch, a 10,000 mAh battery pack and a shoulder strap for convenient carrying. The case is made of high quality materials and is even water resistant for anyone who might like to take their Switch on the occasional hike. The Power Commuter also features a soft interior to prevent scratches to your Switch Systems and additional padding is provided around the screen area. Additional pockets area also available for game storage and cables. If you are interested in the Power Commuter it is available now for $69.99.


Bionik is also taking pre-orders on a Bluetooth audio adapter to allow the use of wireless headphones on the Switch. Dubbed the BT Audio Sync, the Switch will be able to enjoy the wireless audio it should have always had. The BT Audio Sync will support 2 pairs of Bluetooth headphones and work at up to a range of 32 feet. The adapter is powered directly by the Switch console and comes in a nice compact form factor. a pass-through port is also included to allow for on the go charging while using the adapter. An additional USB cord is also provided to allow for the BT Audio Sync to be used with the Switch while docked. The BT Audio Sync will cost $39.99 and will be available on August 5. Pre-orders are open now!