Accurate ASSASSIN'S CREED Timeline Will Prepare You For ORIGINS

A small fan team has put together the Assassin's Creed history, omitting a few of the not-so-important sections and focused on the parts that truly affected the story line of the series. All in the hype of the upcoming game, Assassin's Creed Origins!

I read through it and found it incredibly accurate and can tell that they put time into this list to make sure that it is very accurate and served as an excellent reminder, and informer, for the details that lie in the history of this detailed game series. It starts as old as 75,100B.C., when the civilization began, and goes up to 2016 as The War Continues.

The idea of the list started with team leader Stephen Charlesworth, who then got help from writer Chris Henrikson and the artist team Naze Art! You gotta see the list on Best Online Casino for yourself! Enjoy the refresher course assassin's and remember:

"Keep your blades sharp and your wits sharper!"