ICYMI: Ace Combat 7 Can Take Up To 50 Hours To 100%


We are exactly one month out from the console launch of the long awaited arcade flight sim Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown! To help build the hype Bandai Namco has already begun releasing new aircraft focus trailers showcasing the gorgeous visuals we can expect to see from the game. I got to first play Ace Combat 7 back at E3 2017 and have been eagerly awaiting any new info on the game I could get since. Now in a new interview with wccftech, the devs behind my first hotly anticipated title of 2019 have revealed a little about how long the game will take to finish.

ACE COMBAT is an arcade experience where you must complete missions. The times for a continuous process of trial and error are not included like in an RPG or adventure game. Adjusting the shaft of game level design and the length of gameplay time are decided based on the cycle of how you fail and retry missions. But, if an ace pilot plays without any mistakes, playtime is more than 10 hours….If a player explores deeply and aims to complete all aircrafts, it is assumed to be around 50 hours.

The estimate of the base game taking around 10 hours to complete is actually great news! Early last year in a similar interview, series producer Kazutoki Kono only estimated the game to be around 4 hours long. if the game has really doubled in length over the last year, I am grateful the team kept delaying the game. Ace Combat 7 is available now for pre-order on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

For more Ace Combat coverage check out our review of the Ace Combat 7 PS4 pre-order bonus of Ace Combat 5. What do you all think about the updated length that Ace Combat 7 will take to finish? drop a comment below!