ACE COMBAT 7 DLC #3 IS Available Now And Adds Another Awesome Aircraft!

The third and final aircraft DLC for the Ace Combat 7 season pass is now available! The newest addition to the roster is the ADFX-01 Morgan. The Morgan was first introduced in Ace Combat Zero as the special unlockable craft. The ADFX-01 Morgan closely resembles the ADFX-02 which is featured in the final boss fight between Cipher and Solo Wing Pixy. As such, a special Pixy skin is available for the new craft in Ace Combat 7!

The Morgan comes outfitted with a number of different special weaponry including the signature Tactical Laser System (TLS). The Morgan also has access to an Integrated Electronic Warfare System (IEWS) for jamming enemy craft and a new Multi-purpose Burst Missile (MPBM). The MPBM appears to be very effective against both ground and air targets making it a great choice for virtually any mission.

Aslo included with DLC pack #3 are a selection of skins and emblems for players to use to customize their planes.

Aircraft Skins

Su-30SM Mihaly Skin

X-02S Strike Wyvern Mihaly Skin


Galm / Galm (Low-Vis) – The mark of the Ustio Air Force 6th Air Division 66th Air Force Unit “Galm.”

Galm (emblem) – Emblem of the Ustio Air Force 6th Air Division 66th Air Force Unit “Galm.”

Phoenix (original) – The mark of “Phoenix 1,” a mercenary squadron affiliated with Unified Command.

Again this is the last of the currently planned aircraft DLC and story content will soon be dropping this Fall with Operation Sighthound. I do hope that Project Aces will continue to release additional aircraft over the course of the planned story DLC to incorporate more real-world planes and variants. Even though I love my fictional jets, it would be cool to see and add to the game. I mean come on we need more A-6 only runs!

Ace Combat 7 and DLC #3 are available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.