ACE COMBAT 7 Gets Its First Story DLC Later This Year With Operation Sighthound!


A new trailer has just been launched for Ace Combat 7’s upcoming Story DLC! DLC 4 will feature the mission Operation Sighthound which takes place on August 4, well into the games main story. The mission will be dubbed liberated and it is unclear whether or not you play as the games main protagonist Trigger. Early on it was revealed that the story DLC would feature side characters and stories, so there is a very good chance we will take to the skies as another Osean ace! Check out the trailer below.

The date and time recap of Ace Combat 7’s campaign was a really neat touch to me and a good way to show us when this new mission takes place! That enemy naval vessel also looks pretty menacing. Could it be a Scinfaxi/Hrimfaxi type sub you have to do battle with? The mission does seem to consist of mostly air to ground and air to sea engagements but I am sure there will be plenty of support planes to deal with as well. DLC 4 is set to release this fall but no specific date has yet to be given. Ace Combat 7 is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

What did you think of the new trailer?!