ACE COMBAT 7 is Absolutely Stunning on PC

Learning to Fly

Many are the memory of my first gaming experiences with Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 clear back in late 1989 with my 386 16mhz, 8 mhz with Turbo off, MS-DOS PC. That really propelled me into PC gaming and anything flight related both in RL and the virtual world. It was a magical time for me not only for my soon to be fave hobby but also my technical career as a whole.

386SX 16mhz in action! One of my first PC gaming experiences.

386SX 16mhz in action! One of my first PC gaming experiences.

Fast forward 30 (!) years and again I’m smiling like a little kid again and I loop and fight over the oceans and beautiful countrysides of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. In our full review, we expressed the true return to form the game is but as a bit as someone who’s only been off and on with the series, color me impressed..

The story sequences are just as fun and intriguing as the gameplay itself..

Ace in the Hole

Now, I won’t get into some of the control wonkiness of the game but as soon as you get a controller, mouse, whatever configured, the game handles like a dream. No, this isn’t a hard core sim rather an action and story packed romp through Earth and sky. The characters are a blast, the story kept me glued to the screen but most of all, the visuals and gameplay got me hooked more than I could ever imagine. Just look at those screenies! (Click on any to expand to high res) and you can see how stunning the game can be.



I Went to the Danger Zone

I don’t care to admit how many times The Danger Zone tune stuck in my head while playing, even now while typing this up. If you are even the least bit interested in flight sims, aviation in general or just gorgeous, solid gameplay with a Japanese flair for the dramatic, it’s never too late to start flying because even as the seventh entry. I say it’s the best time to dive right now.

Ace Combat 7 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.. but real gamers play on PC in 4k ;)