ACE COMBAT 7 is Coming to PlayStation VR

Virtual reality is one of those technologies you really have to experience first hand to get why it is so cool. We've come a hell of a long ways since the red and black headache machine that was the Virtual Boy! However, I feel like you don't need to strap a headset to your face to understand how absolutely amazing bringing Bandai Namco's fighter jet game, Ace Combat, to PlayStation VR is! This is the kind of game virtual reality was made for. Flying around big blue skies faster than the speed of sound, shooting down enemy jets, zipping through clouds. All of that sounds like a freakin' blast in virtual reality! (One guy at the PlayStation Experience keynote certainly agreed with me, as he kept hooping and hollering before the game was even totally revealed.) Check out the trailer below and tell me you're not excited to experience this first hand. Go on. Tell me that doesn't look fun! Tell me how dead you are inside!

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