Action Packed Game DEVIL'S HUNT Hits Steam Next Month And Consoles In 2020

Devil’s Hunt is a game that looks to be on the same tier level as the Devil May Cry series, as far as gameplay and environment goes, has announced an official launch date for both PC and consoles. 1C Entertainment is working with developer Layopi Games to get this upcoming hack-n-slash style game on Steam on September 17th and on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in Q1 2020. While it was originally planned to launch across the board simultaneously, the teams have decided to delay the console launch to ensure the game’s PC debut has the polish and commitment to quality - fair enough.

In Devil’s Hunt, you will play as Desmond. He is a not-so-friendly neighborhood anti-hero that has forged a deal with the devil. This deal has taken him from being a general nuisance in Miami and put him in a cosmic struggle between angels and demons. As mankind hangs in the balance, Desmond must come to grips with his demonic new powers to take down fearsome angelic and demonic creatures. Will you be able to fight your way out of Hell and break the bonds of your devilish deal?

Check out the Destroyer trailer, made to announce the Switch inclusion in the list of consoles. It features elements of the story, key characters, and even some gameplay.