Add a Shiny Tapu Koko to your Team in POKEMON SUN and MOON

I don’t know that there is a better feeling in the Pokemon games than coming across a shiny Pokemon. Introduced in Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, shiny monsters are just different color variations that are extremely rare to come by. The other day I almost flipped out because I came across a shiny Magnemite! Well, the lovely people at the Pokemon Company have decided that everyone deserves a shiny Pokemon so you can now get a shiny version of one of the Legendary Pokemon, Tapu Koko, for free from Mystery Gift. Simply select Mystery Gift from the main menu, Receive Gift, Get via Internet, and voila. Go to a Pokemon Center in game to claim it and save your game. You now have an awesome shiny version of a legendary Pokemon. Don’t waste too much time though, this opportunity only lasts until August 14, 2017.