Adding A Salazzle to Your Team Just got Easier

Although it’s not a Legendary or Event Pokemon, Salazzle is extremely hard to get in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. You must evolve a female Salandit which has about a 12% chance of showing up in the wild or hatching from an egg. That’s not very good odds and it has left many trainers like my wife without this sassy lizard. The Pokemon Company has decided to give more trainers the opportunity to have a Salazzle though via an event. Simply stop by a participating GameStop to get a code you can use in Mystery Gift and voila!

This Salazzle is level 50, has the Corrosion ability, and has a Focus Sash. The Focus Sash prevents you from being knocked out from one hit. Meanwhile, Corrosion is a very useful ability that allows you to poison Steel and Poison types that are usually immune to such a status. The move combination that it comes with is Fake Out which is normally an egg move, Toxic which is perfect for poisoning everyone, Sludge Bomb, and Flamethrower. The last two moves are strong STAB moves to round things out.

The codes for this rare Pokemon will be available until September 4, 2017.