Admin On Doerdy's Betting Advice: "Most Pro Players Make Their Money 'Throwing' Matches"

As eSports continues to pave it's way towards being a recognized professional sport within the world view, more corruption is exposed. A screenshot has appeared on Reddit where the admin of Doerdy's Betting Advice, a popular admin for tips on how to bet on professional CS:GO matches has said he personally has taken part in 5 "fixed matches". He says most professional gamers will make deals with several people to take home more money than their cut of the prize pool. His official statement was posted below.

That's a pretty damn bold statement to make. I definitely would like some followup by the CS:GO community on this issue. If they're looking to be taken seriously as an organization, this (if true) is unacceptable. I don't imagine someone who actually gets paid to give people tips on how to bet would risk his business spewing such nonsense though.

Even if it's complete lies, the implication is startling enough. With no regulatory system to evaluate these can we know people are being conned out of potentially $1,000's of dollars?!

What's your take on this? His Twitter (which contains none of these admissions) can be found here.