AEON'S END: THE NEW AGE Continues Deckbuilding Success

Gravehold has been in danger since Aeon’s End released in 2016, and the world continues to expand as Indie Boards and Cards creates more expansions for the universe. Aeon’s End: The New Age is the latest deckbuilding game following a Kickstarter campaign that received over half a million dollars in funding. The tabletop community eagerly supports game franchises with a critically-praised history and commercially successful gameplay.

The newest expansion will combine with all of the other Aeon’s End games, but it still functions as a standalone experience for one to four players. It’s a cooperative game that experiments with the deckbuilding genre in creative ways. Turn order and deck management are important features in an inventive, brainy game.

Aeon’s End: The New Age is out now. The strategic card game possesses a ton of replay value, and the community response has been very positive so far. Tell us what you think of the new arrival and the Aeon’s End games below.

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