AFTERLIFE Brings The Interactive Movie Genre To VR

After the huge Netflix hit Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, interactive movies have been on many fans minds as they wonder when the next one will release. Acting as a virtual choose-your-own-adventure game, this genre brings a full length feature and places the controls in the hands of the viewer, or player. While there are popular games out there that provide a playable choose-your-own-adventure, like Until Dawn and the upcoming Man of Medan, sometimes it is nice to just see how our choices play out.

Signal Space Lab has created Afterlife, a full 360 degree interactive film, and is releasing it on all major gaming platforms that feature the Virtual Reality capability. Come May of 2019, users will be able to experience a slew of emotions on PSVR, Steam (via Oculus and HTC Vive), Android, and iOS.

If an interactive feature is exactly what you have been waiting for, check out the trailer for the film that brings the choices to you within a full virtual reality experience: