AGGELOS Is Here, So Get Your Sword and Hack ‘Em Down


Just like most media, video games are experiencing a huge movement towards retro titles and style of gameplay and ascetics. From 8-bit graphics to straightforward side scrolling games, these games are making a resurgence to fill that gauge of nostalgia and bring out some classic feel while adding new spins to the mix. Aggelos was recently released and brings out the old graphics and gameplay with a new story and exciting gameplay that just about all gamers can enjoy.

This game is pulling out all the stops when it comes to reviving the classic side scrolling RPG. The menus, blocky vistas, colorful style and simply wonderful level design calls back to those times sitting in front of a tube TV for hours trying to beat one super crazy boss on the SNES. The music is also wonderfully fun and brings to life this fun filled fantasy game. Aggelos was made by Storybird Games and has been on Steam for awhile now, but is coming to the PS4 which could use some more indie game love.

There is a lot to unfold in this game and is worth trying out for sure. Check out this fun adventure, it is available now on Steam and Playstation 4 for $14.99.