ALICE 3: ASYLUM Subscription List is Rising Like Crazy

I have just received the latest update from the developer American McGee, and it seems as though the hype for Alice: Asylum is heating up. News from this horror fairy tale developer is that subscriptions for the new game are rising, and it seems as though they are getting support from several sectors.

The inmate (email subscriber) count has now reached 22,000!! Furthermore, enough support on Patreon has been reached that another illustrator can be added to the team. More Asylum art and clothing have been added to their Mysterious line, which is a platform used to sell their merchandise. Finally, the Youtube channel has hit 10,000 subscribers. 

Now I know these stats might not be high when compared to other AAA developers out there, but since Alice: Asylum development was only announced recently, this shows great growing interest in the upcoming game. 

I am sincerely looking forward to this game and can only hope it will come to the PS4. How about you? What are you looking forward the most to seeing in the latest Alice game by American McGee? Let me know in the comments.

If you'd like to follow the development of this game, be sure to follow the site, Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon.