Alolan Pokemon Are Coming To POKEMON GO

A game with a community that continues to be in the millions of daily active players is one that you would expect regular updates and new content from. While it may not always be content that you were hoping for, or even expecting, it is just another step forward to improving the overall game.

Niantic is one development team that continues to prove their dedication as they continue to progress Pokemon GO in a way that reaches both classic and modern gamers. After starting the game off with only generation one Pokemon, later adding generation two and their way into the third generation, they have announced the newest Pokemon to be added to the game will come from the Alola region.

The Alola region was initially featured in Pokemon Sun and Moon. In this region players found Pokemon from the original Kanto region, but in an alternate Alolan form. The two most popular Alolan form Pokemon are the long neck Executor and the incredibly cute Raichu.

While this announcement was made on the official Pokemon GO page, they didn't give a release date for this update. The announcement only states that it will be available in the coming weeks. Even so, consistent players of game can look forward to new forms of their favorite classic Pokemon coming to GO very soon! Which Alolan Pokemon are you looking forward to catching most?