Amazon Japan Will Now Ship Games And Consoles Overseas

Wanting to play the latest awesome game that didn't make it to America? How about snag a Blu Ray of your favorite anime? Both are now possible if you have an Amazon Japan account! For those who don't know why this would be's an example. Say you're waiting to play a high profile game such as Dark Souls 3, that's releasing a full 2 WEEKS before we get it in America. Be careful though! If you have a PS4 your console is region locked and the game will not play unless it is a Japanese console. Good news for Xbox One crowd as there is no region lock on the console!

Most games would have Japanese as the default language, but you can likely change it to English! For the Japan exclusive games...well time to learn a new language! If you're looking to order right now, just make sure you go to and set up an account! Amazon will let you change your default language to English so no worries there! Anything you're thinking of getting? Thanks to @RPGSite for the good word!