Amazon Listing For STREET FIGHTER V: ARCADE EDITION Surfaces Online


Update: The game has been officially confirmed, and has a trailer. Release date is confirmed as below and will be a free update to all existing owners of Street Fighter V:


When Street Fighter V was released, there was a strong promise from Capcom that the base game would serve as the building block for all future content on the platform. Today, I'm here to tell you the news that Capcom may have lied as a listing for a new game, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, has hit the web.

With a release date listed of January 18th, the new game mode promises fresh arcade modes drawing influence from past Street Fighter games and some exclusive costumes that can be unlocked using challenges. The game will also give players the option to have TWO V-Triggers per character, which is an upgrade from the current state of the game.

Now, it's possible that existing Street Fighter V owners could be getting this update in their game, and that this is just a way for Capcom to bring in more players into their game, but that has yet to be confirmed by the gaming company. 

If Capcom is releasing a new version of Street Fighter V and not giving it to the people who bought the base game for free, do you think that's right?

Source: VG24/7