Amiibo Collectors Can Rest Easy, SHOVEL KNIGHT Can Be Scanned Through Box

Apart from being super cool figurines of iconic Nintendo characters, the amiibos have been a very highly sought after collectors item. Nintendo's lack of keeping up with the consumers demand has made some of these fun little desktop decorators incredibly hard to find and wildly expensive. Of course, as it is with most collectibles, they lose a significant amount of value once they are removed from their packaging. While I've always been one of those people to free my desk toys from their plastic bubble prison, many collectors can breathe a sigh of relief. Since the Shovel Knight amiibo is developed by a third-party manufacturer, the packaging was built without the signal-blocking metal bit at the bottom of the box. That means that our shovel wielding pal can be booped into your favorite Nintendo device without having to breath the same toxic air we do. So keep him safe and sound in his protective shell while still enjoying the original reason these toys were made.

Source: Polygon

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