Amy Twirls Her Way Into SOULCALIBUR VI


The protege of Rafael and the master of dealing damage while twirling with her blade, Amy, has been revealed as the next DLC character in Bandai Namco’s latest chapter in the Soul series. SoulCalibur VI has featured some seriously fierce characters on their roster and bringing Amy back into the mix is nothing short of another heavy hitter.

Using her usual style mix of ballerina-like twirling and the fencing mastery taught to her by Rafael, she brings her blade back into action bringing both finesse and pain. Her unique battle style has always been quite amazing to watch, but not from the wrong side of her sword. See her in action in her reveal trailer:

There isn’t a date listed as to when she will actually be available, but we can look forward to her kicking ass again very soon. If you haven’t played as Amy before, but you are a fan of Rafael’s play style, then she is certainly one that you will want to give a try.

What do you think about Amy’s return to the Soul series?