A Zelda OCARINA OF TIME And MAJORA'S MASK Port Could Be Headed To The Switch


A new job listing has gone up on Grezzo's website, and it has some folks speculating we could be seeing Zelda classics Ocarina Of Time and Majora's Mask on Switch very soon. The company, who is responsible for both remakes of the game on Nintendo 3DS, posted the following job description on their website:

"Would you like to make a legend together 2"

The "2" in there is a joke to the fact that the company posted a similar listing when they were developing Majora's Mask simply stating "Would you like to make a legend together". Considering that ended in Majora's Mask on 3DS a lot of folks are wondering if that means Nintendo tapped Grezzo to port their titles over to the Switch. 

Of course, there are other scenarios that are possible. It's possible Grezzo could be hiring out to bring another Zelda title to 3DS, or perhaps Secret of Mana considering the company's founder directed the game. All we REALLY know is that whoever is helping make this game is doing so in Unreal Engine 4. 

If it's not happening now, we can assume that these two Zelda titles will make their way to the Switch at some point. Would you be excited if that happened, or are you burnt out on playing the games over the years?

Source: IGN