Anakin Skywalker Joins The Battle On February 27!


The Clone Wars updates for Star Wars Battlefront II continue to march on with the newest update The Chosen One! February 27 will finally see the chosen one Anakin Skywalker enter the fray to do battle. Anakin as we all know was an exceptionally skilled Jedi who was found on Tatooine as a young boy by the late Jedi Qui Gon Jin. After Qui Gon’s death Anakin was trained in the ways of the force by Obi-Wan Kenobi. throughout the Clone Wars Anakin would often perform legendary feats of bravery to accomplish his missions. Unfortunately, in the end he would fall to the dark side and become the dreaded Darth Vader.

Anakin will be a light side hero leading his Clone Troopers against the Separatists to do battle with the previously released General Grievous and Count Dooku. Anakin will have an assortment of abilities for players to enjoy using while playing. First up is Passionate Strike, a heavy damage blow that can break through opponents guards. Next up is Heroic Impact, a move that gives Anakin extra damage resistance and throws opponents to the ground dealing the damage he would have previously taken. The third ability given to Anakin is Pull Dominance which pulls enemies in front of Anakin to a central location for easy attack. Unlike other heroes, Anakin also comes equipped with a fourth ability Retribution. Retribution builds as Anakin both deals and receives damage and once the meter fills a powerful 360 degree choke attack dealing heavy damage is unleashed.

Alongside the release of Anakin, Clone troopers are also seeing a revision to there armors. The game until now has had planet specific clone trooper legions for players to use. The new update now defaults all players to the original white and black only clone trooper we first meet on Geonosis. Both Clone Trooper Phase One and Phase 2 cosmetic sets will be available as extra unlocks from all the different legions of Clone Troops. The Chosen One update sounds like it includes a lot of cosmetic fun for players to enjoy and I can’t wait to try out Anakin when it hits the game next week!

What are your thoughts on this newest Battlefront II patch? Let us know below!