ANAMORPHINE Could Be This Years Best Experience Game


An all new experience game is about to launch on January 16th. Anamorphine by Artifact 5 takes you through the thoughts, and feelings, of someone who is remembering their better times in life. Each memory will have its own significance along with a unique way to experience the emotion behind the memory itself. Check out "Inside Anamorphine" to see what to expect:

The fact that this video's title includes "Tyler's Struggle" suggests that we will see more than just one persons memories and experiences. In fact, I would think that the 'Temple of Memories' is going to be a gateway into the deep, meaningful memory of a new person behind each door. Gotta say though, that Temple of Memory section looked pretty interesting. I wonder if that will end up twisting in some way?

I love how they take the concepts as simple as a room getting dirtier as you make progress, showing the effects of having a narrow focus that causes you to neglect other important aspects around you. It was the following line that really told me how emotionally deep this game intends to go:

"The problem with escape based on substances is that they can crumble around you at any moment."

To have the insight on something as basic as the fact that you can't just drink, or smoke, your problems away really makes me wonder what lies in the parts of the game still yet untold. I can see this game being 2018's What Remains of Edith Finch title and have high hopes for it. I would love to experience a mixture of serene and positive memories throughout the game, instead of all negative ones that are likely to end uplifting.

Anamorphine will launch on PC and PS4 with a VR option for HTC Vive, Oculus, and PSVR come January 16th. Do you plan on getting it yourself? What did you think of the explanation video?