ANIMAL CROSSING: POCKET CAMP Will Introduce Changes Based On User Feedback

A major update is headed for Nintendo’s first mobile game in the Animal Crossing franchise. The update will include several new features, and most importantly, some quality-of-life requests from the fans of the game. 

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been out worldwide for almost 2 months now, which is more than enough time for players to shout out their feedback to Nintendo. Thankfully, Nintendo has listened and they have revealed new details regarding the changes that are heading soon to the mobile game. 

The new update will allow players to change the terrain in certain areas of their campsites, giving them the ability to customize and make their camp their own. Players will also be able to place more than one rug on their campsite, ending the limited decorating options that players of the game are currently experiencing in the game. Lastly, players can now dress up their animal friends with custom clothing. This new feature gives players the ability to pick out new outfits for their animal friends, however, Nintendo said that not all clothing will be compatible with all animals. 

Besides those new features, Nintendo has been listening to user feedback and is now planning to implement some changes as requested by the community. First off, the game will make it easier for the player to ask for help at the Shovelstrike Quarry. The company will add an option to ask help from multiple players at once, instead of the previous repetitive option where the player can only ask help from others one at a time. Furthermore, the update will also make the Market Box more accessible and “easier to use.” Nintendo did not reveal details on how they plan to change the Market Box, so we just have to see when the update is released. Lastly, new species of fish and bugs will arrive at the campgrounds for players to catch. As of the writing of this article, Nintendo has not announced the release of the next update.

 What other features would you like to see on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Share your feedback in the comments below. 

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