Announcement Trailer Shows Release Date For FRIDAY THE 13TH's Single Player


Originally launching as a multiplayer focused game, Friday the 13th has announced a launch date for their single player with a new trailer. Set to release as early as this Thursday, May 24th, may come as a surprise to many since they already gave us the Virtual Cabin mode that offered a form of single player loaded with puzzles and secrets.

While it is not directly shown in the trailer, the official single player will feature a series of challenges for players to complete. Playing as Jason, we will be tasked with forcing the foolish counselors to remember our mother and pay for what they've done! Check out the announcement trailer: 

As you saw, the single player is going to bring some new ways to kill counselors. The boulder smash death is by far my favorite one featured in the trailer and got me thinking of the different unique kills committed by Jason in the movies that I would like to see. There was rumor awhile back that they will be including the double kill scene where Jason thrusts his javelin through the two counselors getting freaky on a bed. That would be an interesting task to complete as well.

With the new kills shown off and the fact that the single player will be a series of challenges for players to complete, what special kills and movie moments are you hoping to act out in Friday the 13th's single player mode?